Where there is vibration, there must be sound. Where sound exists, there must be vibration. Without either one, there is no life.

We speak about energy throughout this teaching, yet energy is an abstract term denoting various states of vibration. To understand the meaning of vibration will require opening your mind to new possibilities, letting go of old concepts, and literally allowing for new definitions.

A false definition is that vibration is motion.

Motion contains vibrations, but vibrations do not contain motion. Think about a bell. When a bell rings, the striker hits a surface, causing it to vibrate, which results in the sound. The motion of the striker begins the action that causes the ringing.

Very specifically, motion causes the striker to hit the bell, and the vibration of the bell causes the sound to occur. Therefore, motion can cause vibration, but the vibrating bell cannot cause the striker to move.

Where there is vibration, there must be sound. Where sound exists, there must be vibration. Without either one, there is no life. Since life, which is spirit and matter, consists of sound and energy, one cannot exist without the other. This is an important concept when you look at energy.


Energy is the result of vibration. But for the vibration to occur, there must be a source. It is the source that causes the vibration that results in energy.

On a microscopic level, the vibration of the atom causes fusion, which occurs as a result of the motion of millions of molecules. In an atom, motion causes vibration, which causes energy.


Why is this important to know in this teaching?

Just as you must learn to listen to your words, you also need to be aware of vibrations—how they affect everything around you, how they affect you personally.


People send out vibrations all the time. These vibrations cause reactions, and these reactions cause new reactions, and so on. Clearly, the most important thing is to be in control of the source of the vibrations. If, for example, you are feeling upset or angry, the vibrations you are sending out will be very negative ones.

These vibrations, in turn, can affect your house and the objects in it, certainly the people around you, as well as any plant life in the vicinity.

It is important to be conscious of how your behavior affects everything around you.

If you walk into a home where there has been fighting and yelling, you can feel the heaviness of the atmosphere. This, in turn, can make you feel depressed and irritable. You can then go home and take those vibrations into your house, and so on.

It is wise to choose friends you know live in harmony, love, and peace. If they do not live harmoniously, then it is best not to be around them, unless, of course, you must because they are relatives. Even then it is important to protect yourself so that you do not bring negative vibrations home with you.

There are many ways to protect yourself from outside vibrations.

Depending on your sensitivity, you can do some of the following:

1. Prepare yourself before you enter a room that may contain negativity. To prepare yourself means to cleanse your aura and make it pure. The best way to do this is by spending at least five minutes meditating.

When you meditate, picture your auric field full of light. Ask that the light be enhanced so that it may become a thick shield that will keep any negative vibrations away. Anything negative will dissolve in it.

2. Use your intuition to check the room when you enter it.

3. If you feel an area is not clear or pure, then send positive thoughts toward that place. Such thoughts are vibrations that cause positive energy. This positive energy will dissolve the negative vibrations. The only exception to this is if the area has developed strong negative elementals, then it is necessary to command them to leave.

4. If there is a person or several people in the room who have negative vibrations, ask your Higher Self to build a wall between you and them so that these vibrations cannot reach you. This wall can be of mirrors or it can be a wall of steel. Ask your Higher Self to create the wall specifically for each situation.

5. If you have to work with someone with negative vibrations, it may be necessary to continually purify your space. Keep a flower in the space, and also have a bottle of rose water and spray it in the air at the end of the day. Ask the person if she is going through some difficulties.

Try to help. If she simply has a negative personality, then you must put your shield up and keep it up while you are in her presence.

6. It is also wise to put your shield up when you are in a crowded place. Even if you are not very sensitive, scattered vibrations are still affecting you.

Being in such an environment will make you feel very tired. Try to be aware of individuals who are sending out negative thoughts. If you are certain that someone is doing this, consciously send positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones.


With each vibration comes a counter-vibration.

If the vibration is positive, then the counter-vibration will be positive; the same is true for negative vibrations. You attract like vibrations.

This is why I stress learning to moderate your thoughts and words. Now, it is important to understand what kind of vibrations you yourself are sending out. Sometimes you have no idea how much you are affecting those around you. You may think you are being silent, not doing anything, when in fact you are causing many vibrations that are literally affecting everyone in your presence.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Exercise One:

1. What kind of mood am I usually in?

2. If I feel tired or irritable, how do I act?

3. When someone bothers me, what do I think and how do I act?

4. If I have to do something I don’t want to do, what kind of vibrations do I send out?

5. When I am alone, do I surround myself with nurturing thoughts and love, or do I criticize myself?

6. Under pressure, how do I act?

7. If I have to meet someone I dislike, how do I prepare myself?

8. With others, am I always helpful, or do I resent having to help?

9. When I am in a crowd, how do I respond?

10. When I am with my spiritual friends, do I try to love all of them?

11. If I am sick, do I think positively?

12. In spite of difficulties that I may be in, do I respond positively when confronted with even more difficulties?

13. With each new relationship, do I take time to understand my vibrations and also the other person’s vibrations and how they interact?
After you have answered the above questions, take time to look at how you can change any responses that you feel you need to change. Ask your Higher Self for help in this.

When working with vibrations, we often lose touch with how our reactions are affecting others.

For example, you are meeting with someone who has negative vibrations. Your reaction is to protect yourself and distance yourself from the person. When you are doing this, the other person may feel your reaction and this in turn would cause a hostile response.

Therefore, it is important to act in a manner that is not causing you to send out defensive vibrations.

How can you do this?

First, make certain that your intuition is true, not based on your own feelings about the person. Then, when you enhance your aura, do so with the command, “May my aura be filled with light and surround and protect me from outside vibrations, and while this is happening, I send love and light to the other person so she feels only positive vibrations from me.” Whenever you encounter this person, ask yourself if she is still sending negative vibrations; you may be making a mistake in still protecting yourself.

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A person will sometimes be negative and, at other times, positive.

This is also true of people to whom you are close. You may not be protecting yourself and suddenly feel a surge of enervating energy and not realize it is coming from your friend. Just as a friend may be sending negative energy, remember you may also be doing the same.

If, for example, you are feeling negative, make certain you protect your friends. Imagine you are dressed in a coat of armor, which none of your negative vibrations can go through. This is particularly important if you haven’t had time to work through your feelings.

You are always responsible for your own vibrations.

It is your karmic responsibility to always be positive. If you are feeling very negative, which also happens sometimes, it is best to avoid seeing others. When you have worked through those negative feelings, cleanse your house by burning incense or sage.



You are not perfect, and, naturally, as you deal with your lower nature, you will encounter negativity.

When this happens, it is important to stay away from making important decisions and to keep clear of appointments with people toward whom you feel any animosity.

Releasing negativity sometimes can be done quickly, but often it takes a few days. Keep your attitude toward the process positive. See it all as a process and don’t be attached to feelings that keep you a prisoner of the lower nature.

Such feelings include self criticism, self-doubt, and feelings of being worthless. When you encounter negative vibrations in a specific place such as a friend’s house or apartment, a restaurant, a meeting hall, or even a church, remember to protect your aura and send light vibrations to the place.

Light vibrations affect elementals in any surrounding.

If the elementals are negative ones, they will be changed into positive ones. Consciously sending light vibrations to all the areas of a room is as effective as cleansing it with sage, a positive herb. On occasion, you may find yourself in a situation where even sending light will not help the emanations of a place.

This is particularly true if you are in an old place where centuries of negative vibrations have built up. For example, some of the old prisons in Europe are full of dark elementals that are so laden with sorrow and evil that light cannot penetrate them.

The Coliseum in Rome is such a place. If you find yourself in such surroundings, try to leave, as the vibrations can make you feel ill. This is also true if you are in a home where the people are constantly fighting. The elementals there will be very chaotic and difficult to change, particularly if the fighting takes place all the time.

If you are part of such a situation, make certain you cleanse the place with incense or sage. If you move into such a dwelling, you will need to paint it.

Sometimes, the vibrations are not negative, but simply those of the previous owners. You can then cleanse the walls with solutions of camphor and eucalyptus. If something terrible has taken place in the dwelling, such as a murder or physical abuse, then it is best to repaint the place.

Chant mantras as you stir the paint and as you paint the walls. Again, many old houses are full of a history of such atrocities. If there are any dead spirits still lingering, meditate and ask them to leave.

Follow this process when you send forth a vibration.

1. First, remember to link with your heart and your Higher Self.

2. Ask your Higher Self to send light vibrations through your heart to the receiver, whether that is a person or a place.

3. Then, consciously use your thoughts to direct the light energy.

4. Last, thank your Higher Self for doing this. If you have a spiritual teacher, link instead with your teacher and ask the teacher to send light vibrations through your heart.

Vibrations are comprised of many different types of forms.

Just as the molecules within different structures differ, so do the forms within vibrations differ according to the ability of the sender and the type of vibration needed in a given situation.

The reason you have the Higher Self or teacher do the sending is because they are tuned into the situation and know what is best needed.

Discovering the various types of vibrations is part of a person’s spiritual training.

Such experimentation helps to determine what constitutes the makeup of vibration. For example, if you have a small child who is acting upset, you naturally will pick up the child and hold her, soothing her and trying to find out what is the matter.

The love and nurturing you are sending has a particular vibration that the child will respond to. That type of vibration is warm, gentle, and full of caring.

In contrast, if you encounter a negative vibration in a room and you send light vibrations to change it, those vibrations are strong, direct, and have a penetrating quality.

Now, you may ask how you can feel the difference. It is good to ask to feel the vibration when it is happening. Ask your Higher Self during the process to help you tell the difference.

Walk in nature and ask a tree to let you feel its vibration. Place you hands in water and ask the water to let you experience its vibrations. Do the same with a flower.

Everything has vibration and each is unique.

You will discover that the same type of flower will have vibrations that will vary, as will the same type of tree. This is often due to their age and how they have experienced nature around them.

If, for instance, one flower has grown in a sunnier place than another flower, its vibrations will be different. This is true of all plants and minerals.

Animals also have specific vibrations that can be positive or negative depending on their conditioning. Working with vibrations of any kind makes you more sensitive. As you grow more sensitive you will experience heightened awareness of your surroundings.

If you feel overwhelmed in certain situations, it is important to turn off your sensitivity to the vibrations. This is not easy. It requires strong concentration.

Since the key is concentration, before you begin working with vibrations, do some exercises that will help your concentration.vibration

The following are exercises that you can try.

Some may work better for you than others. Choose those that you wish to continue working with. These also will help you in your spiritual work as well as your mundane work.

The first exercise should take five minutes; the others can take as long as you want.

Exercise Two:

1. Sit in front of a flame. It can be from a candle or a fireplace. Focus your eyes on the flame and try to see the movement, the colors, and the energy of the flame. Do this for at least five minutes. As you do this, stay focused on the flame, trying to keep your mind empty of thoughts.

2. Take a shower. While you are in the shower, just stand and concentrate on the feeling of the water striking your skin. Imagine you are standing in a waterfall, and ask the elementals of the water to let you experience their energy.

3. While you are taking a bath, imagine you are sitting in a pool of water surrounded by tall trees. Try to experience the stillness of the water and, again, try to experience the water elementals.

4. If you are a swimmer, as you swim, try to feel your body as the body of a fish. You are moving through the water naturally, following the elementals of the water, being guided by them. Try to become one with the movement of the water and let the density and heaviness of your body disappear, making your swimming effortless.

5. Walk down a dirt road. Concentrate on the road just in front of your feet. As you walk and concentrate, notice the impact of your feet on the dirt. Stop and try to experience the vibrations of the impact

6. Sit and look at a scene. Observe the impression of the scene. Is it peaceful? Is it full of energy? Whatever the impression, try to experience it in your body.

Some of these exercises are difficult to do.

Do not be discouraged if you have no results at first. Give it time. The more you do them, the easier they become. Go through them all, and then choose a couple that you respond to most. If you don’t respond to any, then keep going through them all until you begin to experience some response.

The first chapter described the meaning of sound and how it affects you in relation to others. The same is true of vibration. It affects not only you but also the people around you, even if they are unaware of the vibration.

Most people are totally out of touch with vibrations, and they react to them in ways that often surprise themselves. For example, if you play music in a room with animals, the music will affect them not so much in the way it sounds but in its vibrations.

Some animals respond in a very positive way to music, whereas others respond very negatively to sound vibrations. Some animals will literally become sick when they hear high vibrations.

A way of getting rid of certain animals is to simply play high-frequency instruments. They will leave the area. This is particularly true of small rodents.

If you have an animal, test it for sound vibration and notice what types of music make it feel happy.

Once in a while it is good to simply sit silently and try to pick up the vibrations around you. If you are still, you can feel vibrations in the air and even in the ground. Listen, and ask your Higher Self to help you be more conscious of what type of vibration is there.

Try this at different times of the day.

You will find that there are differences. This is why some people work better early in the morning or late at night. The vibrations during those times are more peaceful. This is particularly true if you live in a city.

In the country, the vibrations are free of the impact of multitudes of people living in cities. When you are aware of the vibrations around you, remember to give thanks to the elementals and ask them to keep the vibrations clear.

The elementals are very much involved in vibratory work and can, in a moment, change the atmosphere. If you find yourself in very negative surroundings, ask the elementals to make the vibrations positive and creative.

When you ask the elementals to heal the vibrations, do so with great respect, letting them feel that you are grateful and interested in their methods. Ask them to keep away negative elementals and, again, always thank them.

With each weather change, there will be different vibrations in the atmosphere.

Always before and during a storm there are strong vibrations that can cause mood changes. Try not to allow these mood changes to happen. If you feel moody or tired, try to call on the elementals to clear up the vibrations and notice if your mood changes.

In conclusion, remember that all of life has vibrations and that it is through these vibrations that we can actually help others.

Here is a hypothetical example.

Suppose a friend of yours is feeling very depressed. She lives in a small, crowded apartment and is beginning to feel that life is not worth living. If you visit this woman and experience the atmosphere as dull and somewhat off, try contacting the elementals and command them to change the vibrations.

This can help your friend more than listening to her negativity. If she feels the difference in atmosphere, it will help her—maybe not at first, but in time.

Sometimes it takes a few hours for the transformation to take place, so please be patient.

We each have a special vibration that is part of our essence.

This is why some people feel easy to be with and others do not. The vibration you emit has a lot to do with your spiritual advancement.

If you are a yogi, your vibration should be calm and soothing to those around you, unless, of course, you are in a bad mood. Then, because you are a yogi, your negative vibrations will have a very strong impact, causing people around you to feel very agitated.

The reason for such a reaction from others is because your vibrations are intensified and affect the elementals far more greatly than do the vibrations of the average person. Again, this is a responsibility of which you need to be aware. You not only affect those around you, but you develop an atmosphere in your home that is highly charged.

How can you be aware of your vibration?

Simply ask your Higher Self to help you understand the kinds of vibrations you are emitting at a given time. If they are too strong or too negative or even too charged, it would be best to avoid seeing anyone until you can consciously change your vibrations to positive calm ones.

Be a barometer for yourself.

Determine how you affect others and carefully change your vibrations to positive ones. In time you will intuitively know and will be able to change your vibrations automatically. This should become a daily practice.

When you work with vibrations, remember to be certain you are feeling healthy and strong. If you have a particularly sensitive system, it is best to proceed slowly and cautiously.

When you follow the proper precautions, you are more apt to have success. If you are not certain about your physical condition, try letting go of any portions of this work that you sense are too demanding, until you are certain you can handle them.

When there electric storms, do not do any of this work.

The elementals are very involved in the chaos of the atmosphere and therefore cannot deal with you. You can work with elementals before and after an electric storm, but not during.

Also let go of any preconceived ideas about the work. If you are totally open to doing this work you need to also be very flexible. Things can transform in an instant, so be prepared for sudden changes.


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Inspired With Life

Meditation and yoga have been a subject matter which I have been practicing on a daily basis for several years now.

I came about this through a life changing accident in New Zealand in 2010 this changed my way of thinking and has led me on the spiritual path.

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Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.