Surya Namaskar- Salute to the Sun

Surya Namaskar

The Surya Namaskar yoga sequence of movements can be thought of as a moving meditation which helps to clear your mind as well as increase focus and concentration.

The Surya Namaskar are a great way to warm up at the beginning of a full yoga practise session and an ideal five to ten minute practise to begin the day. It is a low impact workout that has both weight lifting benefits (helps increase muscle mass and bone density) and cardiovascular benefits (helps improve metabolism, burns fat, improves circulation).

Surya Namaskar And Its Benefits.

Regular practice keeps the body toned and flexible.

It helps to trim the waist, strengthen the abdominal muscles, back, glutes, legs and arms.

Yoga sequences improve body coordination and balance.

Regular yoga practise as with most forms of exercise helps to make you generally happier by reducing depression and alleviating anxiety.

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In this Video Natasha Rizopoulos discusses and demonstrates what she considers to be the perfect microcosm of the asana practice as a whole: Sun Salutation A or Surya Namaskar A.

Four to six rounds of Surya Namaskar are ideal for a five minute warm up.  On each round it is important to alternate the legs in the lunge pose.

The definition of the word ‘salutation’ is a gesture made as a greeting or acknowledgement of another’s arrival or departure.

A salutation is a greeting of respect and affection such as a bow or a kiss.

While practising Surya Namaskar we can think of greeting the sun, giving our respect, affection and gratitude for it’s life giving energy; and as we do this we extend these same ‘salutations’ to the earth, the sky, ourselves and everyone around us, leaving us feeling positive, rejuvenated and ready to have a great day.

sun salutation

The Surya Namaskar yoga sequence is as follows:

1. Mountain Pose

2. Upward Reach to gentle back bend

3. Forward Bend

4. Half Lift

5. Lunge (right leg first round, alternate next round)

6. High Plank (option to lower knees) to Low Plank

8. Cobra (option) or move to

7. Upward ­facing Dog

9. Downward ­Facing Dog

10. Lunge (right leg first round, alternate next round)

11. Forward Bend

12. Upward Reach, gentle back bend, mountain pose.

In this free yoga video, Desi Bartlett demos Sun Salutation B or Surya Namaskar B – a sequence designed to increase your energy and stamina.
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Yoga sequences improve body coordination and balance.

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Inspired With Life

Meditation and yoga have been a subject matter which I have been practicing on a daily basis for several years now.

I came about this through a life changing accident in New Zealand in 2010 this changed my way of thinking and has led me on the spiritual path.

You can read about my personal experience here >

Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.