Higher Self Awaken the Spirit

Higher Self, often called the Wise Being within, is part
of you and also part of the Source – the unknown, the ultimate Reality, energies that have no beginning and no end.

As humans, we strive to return to the Source. It does not matter whether we see the Source as a Being, or simply as energy. Returning to the Source is the path of spiritual people.
The Higher Self is the accumulation of all of your positive characteristics.
When you activate it, you awaken the spirit within. The more you use the Higher Self to guide you, the more you become one with the higher energies. The Higher Self will help you see and transmute those characteristics that impede your spiritual growth.
It takes you on the path to wholeness. It leads you into your true potential, and helps you discover who you really are.

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When you bring your Higher Self into your full consciousness, you are then totally connected to the Source and have the ability to experience truth and wisdom.

To become one with the Higher Self—through practice, discipline, and self-awareness—is the goal of this teaching.

In the West, most people think of yoga as a physical exercise, but in the East yoga is understood as a method of union with the Source. Bhakti Yoga, for instance, is about linking to the Source using the heart. So Higher Self Yoga is about linking to the Source using the Higher Self.
Both the casual reader and the serious student will find much of value in these pages, although Higher Self Yoga is not a simple teaching. It consolidates the teachings of most of the world religions into a method of assimilation. It expands the concepts of many religions by developing methods to connect to nature and the kingdoms that operate in nature. It combines the concepts of working with the heart and mind to achieve balance. It explores the meaning of reincarnation and karma and how to overcome karmic influences. It brings new concepts of how to work with energies and how the energies affect not only you, but also the community, the nation and the planet. It explores ways to help others on the path.

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This teaching is based on the ancient teachings given to humankind thousands of years ago. It is designed for spiritual growth, for striving for higher knowledge and wisdom. It is a teaching that makes no distinction between man, woman, race, sexual orientation, or cultural background. It is a path that teaches how to overcome challenges.
In this teaching psychological growth is emphasized. With the use of experiential exercises it helps those who are willing to heal psychological wounds and emotional attachments, and who are ready to open their hearts to Love.

Love is a far greater concept in this teaching than is defined in the worldly sense. It is not in any way an emotional love. It is the ultimate Source. It is Wisdom.

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The Higher Self can help you in your daily life, whether it’s in your work or in your relationships. Working with the Higher Self keeps you focused, calm during times of adversity, and open to change. It frees you from emotions that can keep you from moving forward. If you work consciously with the Higher Self, It can aid you in making decisions. For example, if you need to resolve mundane problems, the Higher Self can help you. If you are having difficulty with someone, the Higher Self will advise you how to approach the person. If you need creative inspiration in your work, the Higher Self is the direct source.

Working with the Higher Self is always a wonderful experience. The more you work with it the more you will experience joy in your life.


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Written by

Inspired With Life

Meditation and yoga have been a subject matter which I have been practicing on a daily basis for several years now.

I came about this through a life changing accident in New Zealand in 2010 this changed my way of thinking and has led me on the spiritual path.

You can read about my personal experience here > http://inspiredlifecolintandy.strikingly.com/blog/a-critical-rescue

Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.