For if God is within you, then wisdom is also within you. Let’s now start a process that will help you to understand what it means to have God within.

This  refers to the Divine as “God” in keeping with Western tradition, but the way that term is used relates solely to the divine spirit, or Source, not an amorphous being.

A student knows that the seed of the spirit comes from the Source, or God.

This seed is part of the divine principle, and it is within all people no matter how long they have been human.

But what is this seed, this divinity within, and how can you even relate to the fact that God is within you?

Many initiates who know this fact do not think about it, or even try to relate to it as being Divine.

A disciple told this story:

“When I was a child, I remember asking my mother to tell me about God. Like most Christians, she referred to God as our Father who takes care of us throughout eternity. “ ‘But, how does God take care of us?’ I asked. She replied that living in a beautiful country, having food and clothing and all the pleasures of life, is how He takes care of us. She also told me that He inspires us to do good acts of kindness. “All of these things made no sense to me.

Then I asked, ‘But what about others who have none of the things I have, and what about the children who are starving to death—why isn’t God taking care of them?’ “She couldn’t answer this question, and I continued to ask, “If God is up in heaven, how can He know what I need?” “ ‘Oh, he just does,’ she replied. “My typical religious upbringing never answered any of my questions, and only when I read about reincarnation, and even
started having memories of past lives, could I begin my relationship with God.

“When I first realized that God was pure energy that was within all my friends and within me, I saw the world through different eyes. I had this realization when I was eight years old. By then I had met a wise woman who could answer all my questions, even the same ones I had asked my mother, and this wise woman was the one who told me that I had God within me.

That probably was the deepest religious moment in my life. It filled me with a moment of divine grace, as I felt God’s energy in my heart.”

The disciple who told this story continued her quest to find God and is now a teacher. Her revelation at a very young age indicates that she came in with this knowledge and it was waiting to be opened.

The belief system

In the past it was very important to relate to God as being outside of one’s self. Heaven and hell were places where the spirit went. If you were in heaven, you would meet God, or if the opposite, then you would meet Satan. This belief system made people morally aware of good and evil.

A believer did good deeds in order to go to heaven, and this was making society a better place. This moral control was in keeping with the restrictions of the church. It made people completely dependent on the church fathers. As a result, there was little regard for a person’s spiritual journey unless it was in keeping with the church doctrines.

Anyone with different views was considered a sinner and was damned Christ talked about the God with-in, but many believed that as a reality this only related to Him, because He was Divine.

There have been major shifts in consciousness as we enter this coming age.

People can now accept that to look for God outside oneself does not necessarily help to find Him. Having Him within adds another dimension that changes a person’s consciousness.

If, instead of the church, you were responsible for your personal moral codes and sanctions, then the whole spiritual process would no longer be only about outward behavior but would now also be about the inner process of connecting to the Source. This process is very personal and relates to a person’s evolution. It contains all possibilities and has within it true knowledge and the potential for finding true wisdom.

As a statement and even as an experience, the phrase “God within” connects to a person’s inner beliefs about God.

To examine these concepts, you need to examine your conditioning and even some of the past life beliefs you have carried with you. If, for example, you have had many lives in a Western religious order, you would still think of God as a white-haired man; instead, if you have had lives in the Eastern religions, you would think of God as energy. Some lives are stronger than others and play a greater role in how you feel and think about God.

Let’s look at these personal beliefs.

Try the following exercise:

Reflect on the following statements and ask yourself if there is any part of you that believes them.

1. God is always a personal God whom I see as a heavenly being.

2. When I think about God, I think of it being a man.

3. When I relate to God, I pray to someone outside of myself.

4. When I try to connect to God, I do so from a religious point of view.

5. I believe that God hears me when I pray.

6. Sometimes I think of God as being too far away for me to connect with Him.

7. When I think of achieving God Consciousness, I think of becoming one with a Being.

8. God Consciousness seems too far away for me to even think about.

9. I see God Consciousness as belonging only to very high initiates.

10. If you tell me that God is within, I can believe it only in the abstract.

11. Believing in God has never been important for me.

12. I want to believe in a Divine Being, not in divine energy.

13. Sometimes the whole concept of having God within is overwhelming to me.

14. Some day I hope to understand more about God, but now it is impossible.

The above statements may not be complete for you, so try to write your own analysis of how you believe in God and what you believe in terms of having God within. You may be surprised that even as a yogi you hold some beliefs of a personal God.

When someone thinks about the Divine, usually the person thinks about something in the abstract.

The Mystery of God

Since God is a mystery, it is natural to think about it in this abstract way. Instead, let’s look at the Divine as unmanifested energy, which is beyond anyone’s understanding. Even the word “energy” in this concept is beyond understanding.

Unmanifested energy in some religions is called Chaos, or Parabrahman, Brahman, Jehovah, or God as we are using it.

Take for a moment the concept of energy, as you know it. One aspect is that energy is always in motion, is always changing, and has no form, yet we talk about the seed of the spirit being a seed.

If unmanifested energy is within and is in the shape of a seed, how is this possible? So again, our minds look at all things as having to have a base in physical reality in order to understand them.

Instead, let us think of the seed not literally as a seed but as a divine spark. Some students believe that the seed of the spirit comes not from God but, instead, from a Higher Being, such as a Kumara. Such a belief is partially true.

The Seed of The Spirit

The seed of the spirit comes from the chalice of this Higher Being, which contains the spirit of God. Therefore, the immediate source is from the Higher Being, but the seed itself is still from God.

Now that you are totally confused and are looking at God in a different manner, let’s try to put God into yet different terms.

If you see God as spirit, then to hold the concept of worshiping spirit is not valid. If spirit has no form, how can you worship it? You can only worship a concept, or a Being, but not a changing form.

Since humankind has always needed a Higher Being to worship, this need has clouded the true realization of what constitutes God. Instead, if you worship a lesser God who has form, then it is much more comprehensible, and you have a personal relationship with someone and not just with an elusive energy.

This is why religions have made an amorphous God into a Being, who has form and is divine and all knowing. It is easier to relate to the Masters, or to Jesus, Buddha, or even to the Lord Maitreya, who is the highest Being that can be visualized.

This is fine to do, and it is also good to realize that these Higher Beings are the closest reality to God that a person can relate to. Yet, in doing this, remember that the seed of the spirit is from the Source, and this divine Source is part of these Higher Beings and is also in you.

Sometimes people have difficulty in believing that God is within. You may say, for example, “If I truly believe God is within, then why can I not access God on a regular basis? If I truly feel God is in everyone, why can I not feel God in those people when I am with them?” All of these thoughts make the knowledge of God being within unacceptable when someone is faced with the reality of being one with the Divine.

Because of this, the statement of God being within, even when it is believed, becomes, “I know God is in me, but it is beyond my reach. I have to be a Master to even feel it. Therefore, it is best not to think about God being within.”

Take a moment to see if this statement resides within you. If it does not, I ask you: “Can you really think of becoming one with God on a regular basis? Can you really believe you have the ability to make that happen? And most of all, can you consciously feel God’s essence within you?” You may say, “That is impossible, but I can feel my Higher Self and that is equally as important because the Higher Self is part of God.” While it’s true that the Higher Self is part of you, God’s essence is also part of you, and though it is connected to the Higher Self, it is still separate and can be experienced separately.

Let’s look at the God within as a symbol.

It can be a dove, a flame, a spiral, or a pyramid. It can be a six-pointed star or a rose, any of the mystical symbols, or it can simply be a brilliant white light.

Take a minute now to choose a symbol that you want to represent the essence of God within. Make the symbol strong, a symbol you can readily see, not just energy or anything in motion. Check with your Higher Self, and ask if this would be a good symbol for you to use to represent God within. If the Higher Self says no, then ask it what would be a better symbol for you to use.

When you have your symbol, draw it in color. After you have drawn it, put it in front of you and just look at it for as long as you can without any thoughts coming in. As soon as a thought comes in, throw it out and refocus on the symbol. Try doing this for at least five minutes, then place the image into your heart and say the following words: May my heart connect to the God within and let me experience its essence.

Keep working with this every day if you can. It may take time, and if you experience any fear coming up, just visualize the fear as a black ball and hand it to your Higher Self. The experience is very different for each person and relates to your spiritual development. Naturally, a higher initiate will experience it more easily than a novice, but eventually everyone can experience God’s essence within.

The importance of doing this cannot be emphasized enough. To know that you have God within in an abstract way is very different from experiencing it.

This experience makes you more responsible in the quest of becoming one with the God within. It also gives a moment of joy and the wisdom of what God Consciousness really means. Once you have experienced this, it is impossible to think of the God within in an abstract manner.

Fulfilling your Destiny

The goal of achieving God Consciousness becomes more defined, and, therefore, it gives you the impetus to strive forward on the path. Without this experience, the goal seems unreachable, especially when you are experiencing feelings from the lower nature.

With this experience, it is easier to see the goal through the obstacles and know that someday you will achieve it.

When the goal is achieved, it is possible to review all the twists and turns of the journey. Then you can see the complete pattern of your personal evolution.

You will have full knowledge of how you have grown, and in that knowledge comes an understanding of the importance of acknowledging at all times that each and every one is part of a whole and the whole far exceeds any individual.

This constitutes true wisdom. When you have come full circle from the beginning of humankind to the final merging with God, then you will have fulfilled your destiny.

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Inspired With Life

Meditation and yoga have been a subject matter which I have been practicing on a daily basis for several years now.

I came about this through a life changing accident in New Zealand in 2010 this changed my way of thinking and has led me on the spiritual path.

You can read about my personal experience here >

Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.