Explore Conscious Life

Explore Conscious Life


Explore Conscious Life with Gaia, a member-supported conscious media company. Join our community of seekers, dreamers, and doers to empower your own evolution of consciousness. Discover over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles to inspire and encourage curiosity. Everything is waiting for you; which path will you choose?


Explore perspectives you won’t find in the mainstream on some of life’s biggest mysteries.


Dare to Challenge the Status Quo


Promote and develop your connection to your spirit from the guidance of renowned spiritual masters and experts. Covering all facets of spirit from astrology, to dreaming, channeling and angels; from ancient to modern spiritual practices and traditions.


Learn about the power and cultures of expanded consciousness and meditation. Study scientific findings and the people and traditions that help push the edges of consciousness. Discover tools to tap into your potential through mediation and the power of intention, and the social challenges we face preventing us from reaching our full potential.


Gaia’s motivating personal development collection provides you with the tools to improve awareness, strengthen personal identity, develop talents and enhance your overall quality of life. With headliners like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Judith Orloff and many more, this collection gives you the skills you need for optimal self-development.

Watch and learn about alternative health and longevity practices. From ancient to modern healing modalities, backed up by cutting edge science. Learn about the advances in longevity, our innate healing abilities, and the role the pharmaceutical and medical industries have in popularizing alternative healing.


Your intuition tells you there’s more to our story, something you’re not finding in your current paradigm. You can feel it in your bones. We are all connected, we’re part of something greater, and there is something more meaningful in this life that’s not present in our daily routines.

Your intuition is right.

Gaia is here with some new ideas and the world’s largest resource of conscious media to – well –
empower the evolution of consciousness. That’s a rather massive vision, but truthfully, it’s why we do what we do at Gaia. We want to create a new reality, one of mindful people living in harmony with our environment and each other.

And with you, we can do it. Thank you for being here.

We promise to light the fire if you will carry the torch.


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