Chit Shakti Meditation

Chit Shakti Meditation is about touching the dimension of your mind that is pure intelligence – unsullied by memory, unsullied by identification. It is beyond ahankara, beyond buddhi, beyond judgment, beyond divisions – simply there, just like the intelligence of existence that makes everything happen.

Chit Shakti Meditation makes you understand you do not have to worry about what happens or what does not happen. Practice Chit Shakti Meditation and it make will happen in a way that you never imagined possible.

Chit Shakti Meditation

The idea of Chit Shakti Meditation is not to keep asking for things. The idea is that if the physical arrangements of life happen easily, you can dedicate more time for your spiritual well being. 

It would be stupid if just because it happens easily, first you want to be a millionaire, then you want to be a billionaire. The main intention is that your physical life happens more easily, that it does not take your entire time to handle it, so that you will have time to close your eyes and sit. Please make use of it for this purpose.

Chit Shakti Meditations Guided by Sadhguru

Here is a rare offering from Sadhguru, a mystic who embodies the wisdom and clarity of profound realization. It is an offering that enables each one of us to become our own alchemist, that empowers us to transform long cherished desires into reality.

Sadhguru offers this with the intention that once these desires are fulfilled, we will turn towards the larger goal of our ultimate well being.

  1. Chit Shakti-Power to Create Success Meditation Sadhguru 21:58
  2. Chit Shakti-Power to Create Health Meditation Sadhguru 23:04
  3. Chit Shakti-Power to Create Peace Meditation Sadhguru 21:19
  4. Chit Shakti-Power to Create Love Meditation Sadhguru 19:18

Understanding Chit Shakti Meditation and the mind

In the yogic understanding, there are 16 dimensions to the human mind. These 16 dimensions fall into four categories. These four categories are known as buddhi, manas, ahankara, and chitta. Buddhi is the intellect – the logical dimension of thought.

Chit_Shakti_MeditationBuddhi or the intellect cannot function without a certain bank of memory or data. Depending on the data you have, the intellect plays around. Suppose in your memory system, there are 10 gigabytes of memory.

Depending on how sharp your buddhi is, one person can produce, let’s say, a trillion thoughts with these 10 gigabytes. Someone else can produce 10 trillion thoughts with the same 10 gigabytes of memory.

The fourth category of the mind is called chitta. Chitta is mind without memory – pure intelligence. This intelligence is like the cosmic intelligence – simply there. Everything happens because of that. It does not function out of memory – it simply functions.

In a way, what you call cosmos is a living mind, not in the sense of intellect but in the sense of chitta. Chitta is the last point of the mind. It connects to the basis of creation within you. It connects you with your consciousness.

Chit Shakti Meditation is always on

whether you are awake or asleep. Your intellect comes on and goes off. Many times it fails, even when you are awake. If chitta or the intelligence within you was not always on, you could not stay alive.

Try to conduct your breath with your intellect – you will go crazy.

chit shakti meditation

Chit Shakti Meditation is keeping you alive, keeping you going, making life happen. If you touch this dimension of your mind, which is the linking point to one’s consciousness, you do not even have to wish for anything, you do not have to dream of anything – the best possible thing that can happen to you will anyway happen.

When you sleep, your ego is dissolved, your mind is at rest, your intellect is at rest. Only Chitta is functioning. That is when the dreams simply hover around, some memories just hover around, come and go.

Dream is just the function of Chitta, the remaining three are resting. Ego is at rest. In deep sleep, even Chitta is at rest, ego is totally at rest. In the waking state, all the four are functioning more or less.

YOGA-Guru Jagat-Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Beginners-Ep01

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Inspired With Life

Meditation and yoga have been a subject matter which I have been practicing on a daily basis for several years now.

I came about this through a life changing accident in New Zealand in 2010 this changed my way of thinking and has led me on the spiritual path.

You can read about my personal experience here >

Anyone can learn to connect with their soul if they put some time into the practice. This is something you can do in your own meditations but just be aware that it gets easier with practice and you will get better at it with meditative practice, so don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the beginning of doing this. I wasn’t very effective in the beginning either. You start by getting in a good quiet state of meditation where you feel internally connected with your inner being.

Once you understand that your life at this moment is part of a much larger continuum than the few decades you will inhabit this body, you open yourself to the high calling and noble journey of cooperatively joining with your soul in its evolution.