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4 Stretching Exercises You Can Do With a Yoga Wheel

From assisting you as you learn new yoga poses, to deepening stretches, to creating new balance challenges, the yoga wheel has something to offer everyone. It’s versatility makes it great for general stretching and exercise as well, so you don’t even have to be a yogi to reap the benefits. To get started, here are 4 simple stretches you can do to open up your chest, back, and hips.

the four paths of Yoga
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The Four Paths of Yoga

According to yoga, the goal of life is to discover our true nature to connect with our divine nature. As people have different temperaments, there are different techniques, yogas, to help them find the truth.  There are various paths to the union of yoga but there is ultimately only one truth. The four paths of …

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Yoga benefits that reach far beyond movement on the mat.

Yoga, while an ancient practice, is much more than just a series of postures done while wearing stretchy pants! Yoga is a practice that encompasses an entire way of life and can be practiced in a number of ways. While every practice is unique there are some amazing benefits to the practice of yoga that …

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