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When Life Is Lacking in Love

As long as a person is in a human body, the need for personal love is very strong and does not leave a person until he achieves the higher initiations. This is because at first the lower chakras contain more energy and the higher chakras have not been fully opened.

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Cairns The Spiritual Balance Rock Formations

Cairns help reflect about balance, simplicity, spirituality, peace, prayer, patience, direction, priority, and play Cairns are simple rock formations, created by stacking stones on top of one another. From the arctic territories of the Inuit to temples in Korea, cairns can be found all over the world. Built for thousands of years, they’ve been used …

Astrology And Mankind
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Spirituality-Astrology And Mankind

A dictionary defines Astrology as the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs. Planetary observation is the basis of Astrology. Astrology is an important part of civilization and goes back to the early days of …

Transcending the mind
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Transcending the mind

Any journey we take needs to begin now and from here. This point, when made correctly, takes the focus away from past psychological realities and into a place where there are expanded possibilities, moving forward. Notice that we never say “it brings you into the present moment”, because you were never in a place other …

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