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How Breathing Brings Us To The Present-Zen Inspirations

Breath is inseparable from the physical experience. With it, we are freed to explore the depths of life and the inner world. Without it, we cannot even begin to fathom the miracle of being alive and present in every moment. Each moment, we are doing something vital for our existence – we are breathing. Even …

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Facing Truth

Facing truth means facing all levels of truth. First, let’s look at the meaning of truth. For most people, truth refers to those items that fall into the category of scientific or factual knowledge. For example, it is true that the earth is round. Yet in the Middle Ages it was considered true that the …

I Ching
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The relevance of the I Ching in modern day life

Perhaps our eternal search for truth is just the seeking for words for that which lays hidden in the deeply silent chambers of our own divine souls. Some sort of tangible expression of that which we already know. I Ching in modern day life With technology, tradition, religion and various other information constantly flooding our …

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Yogi keep Your Words in Truth

Yogi it is important to keep your words in truth. Any untruth uttered by a Yogi pollutes the atmosphere even more than that spoken by an ordinary person. Yogi You need to be careful of your temperament, and not speak with anger, intolerance, irritation, or simply words that are fickle or scattered. Your responsibility is …

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