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Chanting Mantras Meditation Spiritual Growth

Buddhist Mantras and Chants

Buddhist mantras are syllables and words chanted repetitively as part of a centering, consciousness-shifting practice. Their exact function can vary, but all have a goal of helping to inspire and invoke Enlightenment. Chanting a mantra can assist in specific life concerns as well as offer a way to focus during meditation. It’s also believed that …

The sacred symbol Om (Aum)
Chanting Mantras Meditation Meditation Techniques Spiritual Growth

The sacred symbol Om (Aum)

The sacred symbol Om (Aum), which in Hindu philosophy is said to represent the primordial sound of the universe, is widely used in mainstream Buddhism, though it has differing connotations. In the sheer simplicity of the word OM lies an amazing, transformative power! Om, believed to be ‘the sound of the Universe’ is Hinduism’s most …

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