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Yogi and karmic relationships.
Higher Self Karma Self Awareness Spiritual Growth

Yogi Be Aware of Negative Karmic Relationships

One negative karmic relationship can pull a yogi off the path, and the loss will be felt not only in this life but in future ones as well! Yogi when you first meet someone, be aware of your first thoughts. Your intuition will always recognize a past connection. Listen to it. It will clearly send …

Higher Self Karma Seeking Truth Self Awareness Spiritual Growth

Yogi keep Your Words in Truth

Yogi it is important to keep your words in truth. Any untruth uttered by a Yogi pollutes the atmosphere even more than that spoken by an ordinary person. Yogi You need to be careful of your temperament, and not speak with anger, intolerance, irritation, or simply words that are fickle or scattered. Your responsibility is …

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