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Cairns The Spiritual Balance Rock Formations

Cairns help reflect about balance, simplicity, spirituality, peace, prayer, patience, direction, priority, and play Cairns are simple rock formations, created by stacking stones on top of one another. From the arctic territories of the Inuit to temples in Korea, cairns can be found all over the world. Built for thousands of years, they’ve been used …

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How Breathing Brings Us To The Present-Zen Inspirations

Breath is inseparable from the physical experience. With it, we are freed to explore the depths of life and the inner world. Without it, we cannot even begin to fathom the miracle of being alive and present in every moment. Each moment, we are doing something vital for our existence – we are breathing. Even …

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Perception-changing quotes on the concept and practicality of love

Beneath everything that separates the world from itself, love holds us firm to one another. Here are ten perception-changing quotes on the concept and practicality of love – taken from some of the world’s great spiritual teachers. Love Quotes   “Love is like the flame of a lamp or candle. It cannot help but give …

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Awakening The Concept of Enlightenment

This concept of “awakening” or “enlightenment” is a major element in many world religions. And while these religions can vary greatly in their teachings, many times we are surprised at how similar their messages really are. Awakening is to many of us a way to explore spirituality with the hope of discovering something meaningful about the …

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