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When Life Is Lacking in Love

As long as a person is in a human body, the need for personal love is very strong and does not leave a person until he achieves the higher initiations. This is because at first the lower chakras contain more energy and the higher chakras have not been fully opened.

Awakening Enlightenment Higher Self Self Awareness Spiritual Essence

Awareness Is Not Limited To Consciousness

Awareness Is Not Limited To Consciousness. It Is Of All That Is. Consciousness Is Of Duality. There Is No Duality In Awareness. Awareness is one single block of pure cognition. In the same way one can talk of the pure being and pure creation  nameless, formless, silent and yet absolutely real, powerful, effective. Their being …

positive side effects
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Positive Side Effects Of Lucid Dreaming

 Positive side effects of lucid dreaming and those training to become lucid dreamers enjoy in their waking lives. Positive Side Effects Of Meditation Inspired With Life know that daily meditation is one of the most important habits to maintain in order to facilitate lucid dreaming. Whether it be 10 minutes once a day, or 45 …

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