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Meditation techniques and soul inspiring articles you will find Inside this blog which are thought provoking, mind expanding and enlightening

We are all walking each other home and it is our mission to bring you in touch with everything your soul needs in its growth.

Expanding into the deepest corners of human thought and reasoning, we are unafraid to open the most avoided of subjects.

We welcome you to experience the bliss within our wide range of topics and products on meditation techniques, yoga, for your your spiritual well being and helping you to expand your consciousness.

Helping you fulfill your spiritual well being.

We welcome you to pass through and take only the seeds you will need on your journey.

Delight in reading through inspirational,thought provoking articles which forces the mind to explore the deeper questions.

Let this be your library of thought and ideas where all is welcome to share as we expand into a deeper awareness.


Every soul cries for silence. Just a place far away once in awhile where we can be with our own soul.

Yet in a busy world full of ever pressing responsibilities, it is certainly the most common thing to hear that “we have no time”… Perhaps an even greater reason not to come to that point of sitting down is the strangeness and realness of knowing we are denying ourselves the raw,real and truthful answers, and to many of us, even this is strangely unfamiliar from the “fitting in” and conformed societies we come from.

How do you flip the switch. How do you bring yourself to “taking that first step” without using the word Monday… What will it take to break that circle.

There is one simple, freeing, liberating answer to this.

Truth is always simple.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with that one first step. When will you sit down with yourself and realize you are worth your own time?

Take it back, step into the hunger that has been pleading inside you for attention and start feeding it with eternal value.

Ask yourself this one simplified question… Does what I do, have eternal value?

This simple answer will bring you to a very clear picture of how you have pushed yourself aside for a list of responsibilities that have drained the life right out of you. You have this life, live it.

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