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Meditation does not promote any particular faith or religion but honours the Mind Body & Spirit which is universal to us all. Your mind will be curious, your body will be relaxed and your spirit will be inspired and lifted by our meditation and yoga products.

Invest in Yourself With Our Meditation, Yoga & Healing Products.

We offer a different range of products and services in the Healing Arts

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We offer these products as tools to help achieve more peace and stillness through the practice of Meditation when there is restlessness of the mind, intellect and spirit. Enjoy the products Namasté

Tibetan Prayer Wheels Hand Made in Nepal

 Meditation Singing Bowls Handmade in Nepal

Crystal Healing Tools

You will discover many meditation & yoga products to help you to heal, nurture and elevate your soul to facilitate your own journey.

Yoga Streamed live to your home 15 Day Trial yoga meditation


Women’s Yoga Collection       Men’s Yoga Collection      Streaming Live Yoga Classes

A journey of a thousand miles begins with that one first step. When will you sit down with yourself and realise you are worth your own time?

Take it back, step into the hunger that has been pleading inside you for attention and start feeding it with eternal value.

Accredited Spiritual Diploma Courses

Ask yourself this one simplified question… Does what I do, have eternal value?




This simple answer will bring you to a very clear picture of how you have pushed yourself aside for a list of responsibilities that have drained the life right out of you. You have this life, live it.

Expanding our Meditation & Yoga products

We are constantly expanding and adding to our line of products which include yoga online streaming classes, yoga accessories & yoga apparel.

Expanding our meditation products and literature for those who are on the path to self-awareness & looking at natural ways to bring balance to your energetic system and come back home to yourself.

We deliver products that raise your vibration 

Our products give inspiration and instruction on topics ranging from Yoga, Meditation Self Awareness and Educational for Healthy Lifestyle’s.

With each click and every sale, our products raise the vibration of the lives of customers around the world.


We are committed to deliver world class spiritual, meditation and holistic products

Committed to featuring products that satisfy our customers and providing you with the right tools and resources you need to enhance your wellbeing.

We are focused on improving the lives of our customers by providing inspiring, instructing, or coaching products. Standing behind our products and strive to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We look forward to serving you!

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